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If that dosn't work then you may have to start putting debug into the modules code to work out what is going wrong.

The theme chosen is "Strange Little Town", which is a contributed theme that fits the description of this unique web site. What he really hopes for is a web site that is completely self-maintaining, and on which he can place some Google Ad Sense blocks.

My feed importer settings are as follows: If you look at /admin/reports/status does it say that cron is running?

If cron is running then looking at the watchdog entries ( admin/reports/dblog) around the time it is running may give you an insight.

Cron is where each module can can perform periodic tasks either required for the module's functionality, or for maintenance purposes.You might want to also check the permissions, both within Drupal and in your website's tmp/cache folders.Update 2012-08-03 GMT-6: Yep, as it sounded, it sounds like a configuration issue with your host: "In D7 - drupal_http_request() uses the php function stream_socket_client().Alternatively, you can tag individual items in your aggregator to appear in a category.To subscribe to an RSS feed on another site, go to Configuration, choose Web Services, then Aggregator (admin/config/services/aggregator).Aggregator permissions in "View news feeds" have been set correctly, I checked boxes for all users, so its OK.Forgot to mention, before aboved info message, there is error notice shown" Notice: Undefined variable: errno in drupal_http_request() (line 835 of /home/mysite/public_html/includes/common.inc).What your site does during cron depends on the modules you've got installed and how you've got them configured.Drupal 7.18, I use Feeds and Feed News modules that creates nodes from imported feed items. To place the block on your page, navigate to the Blocks page and choose a region in which to display the block.Now every time you add a feed, you can select a category which the items will automatically appear under.yet if I add it as an aggregator feed, Cron updates it, and if I add the RSS URL in a feed field in a node, it has no problem going and pulling the data.I just can't figure out why Feeds won't deal with it!So Devel Generate module deleted all nodes (Feed items) but create no new ones.Was looking for this myself and am just going to create a view that collects all the nids of articles older than 1 month and pass them to node_delete_multiple($nids) and put it in the hook_cron() of my custom module so it will run with cron.

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There you go: 10 killer apps to help you chat like a pro on your phone.

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The more you use your avatar, the more points you earn.

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In 2004, she guest starred in the TV show American Family: Journey of Dreams as Karina. It may be due to her genes that she has so tiny figure and such a good metabolism.

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It has been said that at night you can see a women walking up and down the halls of the middle school, a former principle.

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It would have been understandable if Murray had felt a few more nerves than usual but he put his early troubles down to the conditions.

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Sometimes threats to make false allegations of paedophilia against the victim are made as well.