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This was accomplished by collecting and analyzing an ice core from a site named WAIS Divide (79.468° S 112.086° W) that is on the WAIS ice flow divide.

This can cause confusion because the name “WAIS Divide” can refer to the WAIS Divide ice flow divide or the WAIS Divide drill site that is at a single spot on the ice flow divide.

The Antarctic Vostok ice core provided compelling evidence of the nature of climate, and of climate feedbacks, over the past 420,000 years.

Marine records suggest that the amplitude of climate variability was smaller before that time, but such records are often poorly resolved.

There is, however, still a degree of uncertainty about which came first—a spike in temperature or CO2.

Until now, the most comprehensive records to date on a major change in Earth’s climate came from the EPICA Dome C ice core on the Antarctic Plateau.

Current polar records show an intimate connection between atmospheric carbon dioxide and temperature in the natural world.

The project is best known for producing records of atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane with high time resolution and dating accuracy.CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: A flint or stone core from which blades have been struck.Such cores are typically conical or pyramidal in shape; to produce regular even blades a certain degree of preparation is needed as well as periodic rejuvenation.Given the similarities between this earlier warm period and today, our results may imply that without human intervention, a climate similar to the present one would extend well into the future..However, the reasons for the dominance of the 100-kyr (eccentricity) over the 41-kyr (obliquity) band in the later part of the record, and the amplifiers that allow small changes in radiation to cause large changes in global climate, are not well understood.The cubiculum of one villa at Boscoreale is preserved in the Metropolitan Museum of New York City and other items are kept at the Louvre.Many of the rich hoards were accidentally saved by the volcanic catastrophe of 79 AD.For the four most recent glacial cycles, the data agree well with the record from Vostok.The earlier period, between 740,000 and 430,000 years ago, was characterized by less pronounced warmth in interglacial periods in Antarctica, but a higher proportion of each cycle was spent in the warm mode.SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: coring CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: A black or gray zone in the interior cross-section of a vessel wall, usually associated with incomplete removal of carbonaceous matter from the clay during relatively low-temperature firing; not to be confused with black coring at high temperatures, which results from trapped gases and may lead to bloating SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: nucleus CATEGORY: lithics DEFINITION: A piece of stone used as a blank from which flakes or blades were removed by prehistoric toolmakers.Usually it was the by-product of toolmaking, but it may also have been shaped and modified to serve as an implement in its own right. The core is undisturbed and the sediment contacts, soil boundaries, and structures are intact and can be described accurately.An object, such as a hand-CATEGORY: tool DEFINITION: A hollow tubelike instrument used to collect samples of soils, pollens, and other materials from below the surface. SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: core tablet CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: A roughly round slightly wedge-shaped flake of flint with the remains of flake beds around the outside edge.Such flakes are the product of extending the life of a core that has become uneven or difficult to work but which still has the potential to yield further blades.“They say, ‘How could CO2 levels affect global temperature when you are telling me the temperature changed first?’” Frédéric Parrenin of the Laboratory of Glaciology and Geophysical Environment in France and a team of researchers may have found an answer to the question.

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