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The judge has to decide whether or not to grant your request for an ex parte order within 24 hours of when you file the petition.** An ex parte PPO should be issued (and effective) without prior notice to the abuser or his/her attorney if you can clearly show that immediate and irreversible injury, loss, or damage will result from the delay that would be required to notify the abuser or that the notice will itself cause you harm before a PPO can be issued.* An ex parte domestic relationship PPO is valid for at least 182 days (approximately 6 months).

In Washington, it is illegal for an adult (someone 18 or older) to have sex with a minor (someone younger than 16), even if the sex is consensual.

For more information on statutory rape and the history of this crime, see Statutory Rape Statutory rape laws are premised on the assumption that minors are incapable of giving informed consent to sexual activities.

Their incapacity is written into the statute—hence the term “statutory” rape.

The age of consent can vary among states, and some states differentiate between consensual sex between minors who are close in age (for example, two teenagers of the same age), as opposed to sex between a minor and a much older adult.

Though statutory rape does not require that the prosecutor prove an assault, it is still rape.

Of course, rape that does involve force or an assault is illegal in Washington and prosecuted as forcible rape (see Washington Sexual Battery Laws).

Assaults of a sexual nature may also be charged under the state’s assault and battery or child molestation or enticement laws (to learn more, see Aggravated Assault Laws in Washington and Child Enticement in Washington).

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A limited divorce constitutes permission to live separate and apart.To accompany the specific state information, the monograph includes a detailed introduction with an overview of the legal framework for consent and confidentiality in adolescent health care, appendices with additional resources, and a chart containing an overview of minor consent laws in the states.This monograph is an essential reference for health care professionals, lawyers, and other youth advocates and service providers working to increase access to health care for adolescents.A domestic relationship personal protection order (PPO) is a civil court order that is designed to stop violent and harassing behavior and to protect you and your family from an abuser.To qualify, you must have a specific relationship with the abuser and s/he must have committed or be likely to commit specific acts -- see What is the legal definition of domestic violence in Michigan? When you apply for your PPO, a judge can issue you an ex parte domestic relationship PPO without a full court hearing and without the abuser present.Some of the laws allow minors to consent for health care because they have a specific status – such as emancipated minor – and others allow minors to consent for specific health services – such as testing and treatment for sexually transmitted disease.The monograph also includes summaries of laws providing for confidentiality and disclosure of information related to the care for which minors are allowed to consent.It contains detailed, reliable, up-to-date legal information related to health care access for young people who are emancipated, homeless, married, or parents as well as laws related to contraception, pregnancy, STDs, HIV, drug and alcohol use, and outpatient mental health services.Individual States: .00 (discounts available for more than one state) You will receive an electronic copy of the document immediately.And for information about rape between spouses, see Washington Marital Rape Laws.Maryland men’s divorce attorneys provide answers to frequently asked questions about the divorce process and Maryland divorce laws.The state also forbids certain sexual contact and intercourse between minors who are more than a certain number of years apart in age.Those who break the law have committed statutory rape.By failing to file certain documents by certain times, you could jeopardize your case and possibly limit your standing in a given matter. This landmark publication provides detailed information about the laws in all 50 states and the District of Columbia that allow minors to consent for their own health care.

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It is unclear whether the NTC ordered ISPs to block entire websites or how the block orders were communicated and their implementation monitored since NTC Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba and Deputy Commissioner Edgardo Cabarios have yet to respond to inquiries sent in January. , the NTC can furnish ISPs with lists of "identified pornographic websites" that the Inter-Agency Council Against Child Pornography provides.