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In fact, most airlines will not fly a sedated pet, as over-sedation can be a cause of animal death during air transport.

Check out more information about the the dangers of sedating pets during air travel and the best alternatives: Also, some of our clients have explored various natural products that can have calming effects (think herbal remedies) -- this is worth asking your vet about or checking your local pet store.

Make sure that your cat is fitted with a collar and tag with your address and telephone number.

A microchip implant is even more useful because it is a permanent form of identification.

Preparing Ahead of Time Taking Your Cat on a Trip Community Q&A Most people do not relish the thought of bringing their cats with them on a vacation or on a road trip.

There are a few fearless felines that are not finicky about traveling, but for many cats, traveling and leaving their familiar surroundings can be sheer terror.

Pet owners can help their cats get used to both the carrier and the car to help remove the foreignness of the situation.

Your vet can also suggest prescription medications to help calm your cat and soothe away motion sickness for a relaxed travel experience.

Should you have any more pet transport questions or if you think you'd like some assistance carrying out your move, feel free to contact us.If it is going to be a long journey you may have your cat checked by your vet to ensure it is healthy before it travels.If your cat is unable to travel you will need to make alternative arrangements for it; you could arrange for your cat to stay with a friend or book it in at a cattery or with a pet sitter.Take plenty of fresh water, particularly when travelling in hot weather.If your journey is broken for any reason, make sure there is no risk of your cat overheating if left inside the car. However, sedating a pet when flying is dangerous and is one of the worst things you can do for the safety of your pet. Owners sometimes wrongly assume that their pet's travel will be less stressful if they are sedated.The carrier should also have a secure latch on its door and side air vents so your cat can breathe fresh air.Train the cat to associate positive events with the carrier.Place the carrier in your cat's favorite room and put a towel or pet bed inside.Further enhance the appeal of the carrier with a sprinkling of catnip or by regularly giving your cat tasty treats inside the carrier.A frightened animal is likely to panic and so care has to be taken to make sure it arrives safe and well at its destination.If you take sensible precautions the chances of your cat becoming lost en route will be minimal but be prepared for any eventuality.You can also place a T-shirt or blanket in the travel crate that smells like you or that reminds him of home.Above all, the best thing you can do to ease your cat's anxiety is to make sure that he is properly crate-trained.

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What better industry to truly help people from an administration perspective than the hospitality industry?

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I'm scared this might be the end of our perfect love." Oof. I should point out that our friends at How About We do have services for couples, not just singles…but I can't really explain away Tinder, so I think you're right to be concerned.