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For example, by using a configuration, you can change the connection string of a connection manager, or update the value of a variable.Package configurations provide the following benefits: When you use the dtexec command prompt utility (dtexec.exe) to run a deployed package, the utility applies package configurations twice.Parameters are used in place of configurations for the project deployment model.The project deployment model enables you to deploy Integration Services projects to the Integration Services server.If you are using environment variables in SSIS when using package configuration, chances are you will run into a situation where you add or change the value of an environment variable, and SSIS does not recognize it.

In my SSIS packages I typically use package configurations, having an environment variable called SSIS_CONFIG_DB that defines the connection string to my SSISConfig database.The reality is that just the process which is running the SSIS packages needs a restart.Typically this is the SQL agent if you have a job that is executing the package, or you will need to restart the SSIS service if you are running the package directly.Even if you create an expression on the variable through the expression editor, and even if you test the expression and it evaluates correctly in the editor, the package will not use that expression unless you explicitly set the property on that variable to evaluate as an expression.When the property is set to false, the package will evaluate the hard set value and not the expression!SQL Server Integration Services includes tools and wizards that make it simple to deploy packages from the development computer to the production server or to other computers.There are four steps in the package deployment process: NOTE: Configurations are available for the package deployment model.Make sure property for ‘Evaluate as an Expression” on the variable is set to True.Without it being set to true, the variable will evaluate to the hard set value.You create an SSIS variable with an expression but at runtime the expression is not evaluating as expected.Instead the expression value is using the default/static value of the variable.You can create user-defined variables for all Integration Services container types: packages, Foreach Loop containers, For Loop containers, Sequence containers, tasks, and event handlers.User-defined variables are members of the Variables collection of the container.Variables store values that a SQL Server Integration Services package and its containers, tasks, and event handlers can use at run time.The scripts in the Script task and the Script component can also use variables.

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But theres a character named Nina who lives next door to you, blue house on the left side.

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Nina Dobrev wants fans to know there are no hard feelings with Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed. Somerhalder and Reed also shared pictures with Dobrev on their respective accounts.

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Seriously, it's like I've traveled through time. Feel like I've missed a decade of shitty memes. Would have been middle of 2008 what I was still pretty gung ho about it, before I stupidly tried to skip bail and ended up spending a month inside before trial.