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Those who have followed his career over the past three decades have grown accustomed to seeing the jet-setting couturier in an array of outré poses: showing up at the Costume Institute Gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art tricked out in a peekaboo black lace dress over white boxer shorts; championing skirts for men and other gender-bending apparel; frolicking on a Rio de Janeiro beach with a fetching former porn star (they were dating); even once exposing his own shapely bum—by accident—on Instagram.Every such caper instigates a feeding frenzy among gossip websites and fashion scribes, but Jacobs remains sanguine.Shows are eligible for the awards if they opened in London between November 22, 2015, and September 30 this year.The shortlist will be revealed in Monday’s paper and the winners will be announced at the ceremony co-hosted by Standard owner Evgeny Lebedev and Sir Elton John at the Old Vic on November 13.'Depending on results, we will strengthen up voting procedures!Marc Jacobs is no stranger to provocative gestures.

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Repeatability Evaluation of Time-Lapse Technology Using Ultra-Stable Seismic Source, Junzo Kasahara, Khaled Al Damegh, Ghunaim Al-Anezi, Yoko Hasada, Kei Murase, Aya Kamimura, Osamu Fujimoto, and Hiroshi Ohnuma, #42078 (2017). Data Mining Methodologies to Reduce the Uncertainty of Reservoir Selection, Jin Fei, Jeffrey Yarus, and Richard Chambers, #41875 (2016). From 3D Photogrammetric Outcrop Models to Reservoir Models: An Integrated Modelling Workflow, Julien Schmitz, Rémy Deschamps, Philippe Joseph, Olivier Lerat, Brigitte Doligez, and Anne Jardin, #41858 (2016). Unconventional Shale Hydraulic Fracturability-Effect of Porosity and Pore Shapes, Naeem-Ur-Rehman Minhas and Guodong Jin, #41837 (2016). The Application of Seismic Attribute Analysis Technique in Coal Field Exploration, Jingbin Cui, Xiaobo Liu, Jianhong Liu, Yuhong Wang, Zhensheng Zhang, and Na Lei, #40947 (2012). 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Wilson made many trips to their colonies over the years and was finally granted permission to take photographs of them in black-and-white.Her rarely exhibited work captures the diverse spirit of the American West, including its vast landscapes and characterful locals.'Breaking news: turning the lens on mass media' highlights the extent to which the media has infiltrated people's lives and shaped their perceptions of current events.Application of Unconformity Identification and Evaluation in the Optimizing of Offshore Oilfield Development Plan: A Case Study of CFD Oilfield in Bohai Bay Basin, Yang Wei, Meng Peng, Bai Qingyun, Zhu Meng, and Quan Bo, #20388 (2017). Turbidites Characterization from Seismic Stratigraphy Analysis: Application to the Netherlands Offshore F3 Block, E. Incorporating Complex Geology in Basin Models: Example from a Forearc Basin; San Joaquin Valley, California, Lisa Alpert and Carolyn Lampe, #41949 (2016). 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Chatellier, Kevin Ferworn, Nabila Lazreg Larsen, Steve Ko, Pawel Flek, Marianne Molgat, and Irene Anderson, #40767 (2011). ‘That Day’ spans over three decades’ worth of photographs taken by Laura Wilson during her extensive explorations around America.The exhibition includes photographs of the Hutterites, a group of hermetic people established in 1870s America and Canada, whose beliefs are strongly against photography.—one might reasonably expect his Manhattan home to be similarly unbound, irreverent, or, for lack of a better word, funky.But it is none of those things—in fact, quite the opposite.His attitude might be summed up in one of the signature pronouncements of ’s Eric Cartman: “I do what I want!”Considering Jacobs’s free-spirited temperament and insouciant iconoclasm—who can forget his seismic 1990s grunge moment?

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